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Hi, I'm Serena.

  I'm a mother to two crazy little ladies and wife to a wonderful husband. I live in Manitoba, Canada. I took my first quilting class with my sister and brother at a local quilt shop when I was just 12 years old.  I started making sewing gifts after I got married but got serious about quilting when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I wanted to make her all kinds of little handmade goodies.  Turns out I absolutely love quilting and turned it into a home business 10 years ago. My passion has grown from making custom quilts under Serena Bean Quilts to include long arm quilt finishing services. I am so humbled that these days I almost solely do long arm quilting.


  I love all things quilting. I let out my creative side by making one of a kind quilts, each project is an adventure.  I love being able to make something from start to finish. I'm always trying something new, and enjoy making up my own designs and patterns. I love finishing my quilts off with cozy backings like minky or flannel.  I want my quilts to be used and loved.


  Whether you're buying a custom quilt or getting long arm services, you should feel confident that your quilt is in good hands. You have invested in your quilt and I want to make sure I finish it in a way to reflect that.


Local quilters can come by for a free consultation and will be greeted by me and my 4 year old daughter who loves chatting up "quilt ladies" as she calls them.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



Happy Quilting 


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